Welcome to the Revolution

Did you know that only a fraction of the clothes that you donate to charity are actually resold?  When you clear out your wardrobe and take your unwanted clothes to be donated only 30% will be sold (Environmental Audit Committee 2019).  The rest will either be sent to landfill, be incinerated or exported to the Global South where they will either disrupt the local economy or end up illegal landfill such as that in the Atacama Desert in Chile, which is so large that it can be seen from space.

So when you clear out your wardrobe of all the clothes that no longer fit or are not a match with your new lifestyle, what should you do with them?  I dig deep into that in my blog post here.  But if you bought them from me, the answer is easy.  Just send them back to me.

 My dream has always been to keep clothing within the cycle of use until there is nothing left to use and it goes to compost.  My challenge was how to achieve that.  Well my friends you are the first to know that the Revolution has arrived.

Revolution is my
“never let it die” programme

How does it work?

When you buy anything from me, clothing, accessories, homeware it will come with a guarantee that when you no longer want it, for whatever reason.  I will take it back and in return offer you a discount against a future purchase.  You are of course welcome to send the item to a charity shop, a friend or sell it  but if it doesn’t work for you anymore and you don’t want to sell or pass on, send it back.

1.  Take a photograph (or several) of the item and send the photos to me

2.  I will assess the item and offer you a discount voucher.  See the details below.  I offer you a larger discount the more worn the item is.  I want you to wear your clothes not just buy and discard.  But I will take back anything in any condition.

3. You return the item and I send you a unique to you single use discount code.  You will get a separate code for each item returned if you return more than one.

4.  I will then reuse the item you sent back to me.  Either repair, if necessary and reprint or I will dismantle it and use the constituent parts to make something new.

5.  Ten percent of the sales (not profit) of all items sold under the Revolution line will be donated to Whittle Dene an Ancient Woodland owned by a CIC.

6.  I will keep reusing the fabric and notions of items returned until they can only be composted.

three grades of return

10% Discount

All you have to do is send me a photograph of the item in question, highlighting any wear and tear or stains (stay with me!) and I will give you a grade.  You are free to return to me or take it elsewhere.

15% Discount

20% Discount

Now, I want to encourage you to wear your clothes, to use them, to love them and to wear them again and again.  Remember I am all about slow and delicious fashion not fast and indigestion inducing fashion.  So the more worn, the more loved the items the higher the discount.    Of course, I have to trust that people won’t pour a glass of red wine down the front with an eye to a better discount.  But I do, because if you are reading this you are already buying into that circular dream.

All remade items will be sold under the Revolution Line and 10% of all sale price will go to Whittle Dene CIC.

Read more about Whittle Dene CIC by following the link below.

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