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Is #MendItMay ready to break out?

A brown merino wool jacket with three different visible mends and a needle threaded with blue thread. One mend is pink and blue woven darning. One is bright orange darning and one is blue darning

You reach over to the other side of your desk and hear that unmistakable sound of a seam ripping and you know that everybody now knows that you have a pair of funky pink and purple spotted knickers.  But equally annoying, your otherwise perfectly good trousers are now unwearable.  What do you do? According to […]

You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves

My reading went through a Russian period when I was about 16.  Pre-revolutionary authors, dissidents (I read all of Solzhenitsyn), and biographies, several of Stalin.  His quote, you cannot make a revolution with silk gloves references Lenin’s earlier  quote that you cannot make a revolution with white gloves.  In other words you  have to get […]

This old thing? Is second hand the new top drawer?

Second hand Fair Isle Jumper

We Brits are not great about singing our own praises.  Even when wearing our only top designer pure silk and cashmere hand embroidered jacket,  a compliment is likely to generate the response “What this old thing, I’ve had it for years”  as we shove the astronomical receipt deeper into our pocket.  We don’t do showing […]

Did they just bin 50,000 square feet of red carpet after the Oscars?

Was the Oscars red carpet recycled

So the Oscars are over for this year and everyone can go home and prop their newly acquired statue in the downstairs loo, the bedside table or wherever the gold chap looks best.  The barriers are taken down, the streets re-opened and  the carpet rolled up. Oh the carpet.  During a conversation with somebody about […]

Should we all buy second hand?

Second hand mens jumper

This second hand mens jumper arrived in the post today for my husband.  Its arrival did cause a little angst between us.  Although I do have to agree it is a gorgeous jumper did he need it and was it a better buy than a new jumper? Our first instinct is to say “Of course […]

Shall we talk?

A woman in bright red trousers is holding a microphone and talking to a room full of people. Behind her is a stunning huge leaded windor and the walls are all beautifully lined with wood.

Did you get many Christmas cards this year?   Every year I see more and more people announce on social media that they won’t be sending  cards but will be donating to charity instead.  I have no issue with the former, but personally I think that if you are going to donate to charity just […]

Is it Green or has it been washed?

A simple guide to greenwashing

Greenwashing – the act of spending more time telling people how environmentally friendly you are than actually changing your business methods to become more environmentally friendly. I think we all can pull half a dozen obvious examples of greenwashing out of the hat.   McDonalds introducing paper only straws – that turned out to be […]

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