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Should we all buy second hand?

Second hand mens jumper

This second hand mens jumper arrived in the post today for my husband.  Its arrival did cause a little angst between us.  Although I do have to agree it is a gorgeous jumper did he need it and was it a better buy than a new jumper? Our first instinct is to say “Of course […]

Shall we talk?

A woman in bright red trousers is holding a microphone and talking to a room full of people. Behind her is a stunning huge leaded windor and the walls are all beautifully lined with wood.

Did you get many Christmas cards this year?   Every year I see more and more people announce on social media that they won’t be sending  cards but will be donating to charity instead.  I have no issue with the former, but personally I think that if you are going to donate to charity just […]

Is it Green or has it been washed?

A simple guide to greenwashing

Greenwashing – the act of spending more time telling people how environmentally friendly you are than actually changing your business methods to become more environmentally friendly. I think we all can pull half a dozen obvious examples of greenwashing out of the hat.   McDonalds introducing paper only straws – that turned out to be […]