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Stylish and luxury clothing does not have to cost the Earth

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Stylish, sustainable fashion does not have to cost the earth.  It is possible to have gorgeous stylish sustainable fashion in your wardrobe without breaking the bank or the planet.

I am an eco printer using only the natural pigments in leaves to create permanent prints on cloth.  I work exclusively with second hand clothing (mainly silk, wool and cashmere) to create unique items of sustainable clothing. 

I believe I am one of only a very small handful of Eco printers in the UK who print onto clothing and of those I think I am one of even fewer who print onto exclusively second hand textiles. I certainly believe I am the only eco printer to be offering a completely circular production and retail returns process whereby no item produced and sold by me should need ever go to landfill and will be repurposed  over and over again until it is composted. 

My printing method requires no commercial mordants so the only inputs are second hand textiles, water, and leaves leaving only a heat source as the non renewable input. All leaves are composted and water recycled on the land. This is as close to a circular process as possible and makes not only my clothes unique but their production and extinction methods too.

You can read my story here, in Living North


I use the eco print process to transform simple items of second hand silk, wool and cashmere into stylish sustainable fashion.

From striking dramatic black prints of huge sumac leaves to more subtle ghost-like gingko leaves the prints and the clothes are all completely unique.  Nobody will ever be wearing the same item as you.  I aim to offer a wide range of sizes from UK 6 to UK 22.  

I am fortunate enough to have a huge range of trees and plants in my garden and the fields and woods around where I live in rural County Durham and almost all the leaves I use have been collected locally.

Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or a friend or would like to have a go at eco printing yourself and join a workshop, come and browse and discover how you too can look fabulous and stylish  and still have a sustainable wardrobe.

Mum wore the jumper she bought from you at Art in the Pen when I was there last week. It looked fabulous

Close up of sycamore and eucalyptus eco print on linen and silk
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