I am out and about at Festivals all summer and will next be processing orders on 15 August. You may place an order but it will not be processed until these dates. Thank you for your understanding

Welcome to a wardrobe of sustainable Luxury

Luxury Fashion without compromise

Gillian Smellie Eco Print Textiles
Sustainable luxury fashion

Sustainable Luxury Clothing

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Are you tired of greenwashing?  Exhausted trying to find luxury fashion that is genuinely sustainable, with a transparent production process?  Do you worry about what happens to your clothes when you no longer want them?

Worry no more.  Here we can solve all those problems and leave you just the question of which clothes to choose. Welcome to the world of Sustainable Luxury Clothing – I am Gillian, and I cant wait to share some ready to wear sustainable luxury clothing with you. Explore the range now…

During the summer I am at fairs and festivals most weekends and stock turnover is rapid.  If you see something you like online I cannot guarantee it will not be sold in person the following weekend.  Please do not be disappointed!  If you are not sure of sizing drop me an email and I can give you more detailed measurements.

If you are looking for something specific I may be able to source it for you so do contact me and we can talk through your requirements.  There is no obligation to buy, but I may be able to solve that tricky fashion dilemma of yours.

“I love it! Thank you for your brilliance.

I will treasure these pieces and wear, wear, wear them.” 

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Welcome to a wardrobe of sustainable luxury

Sustainable luxury fashion. Silk, cashmere and wool clothing and accessories upcycled using only natural dyes. It is possible to have stylish and beautiful clothes without harming the planet.

Using the eco print process where the natural dye in the leaf is used to create a permanent print on the fabric, luxury second hand natural fibre clothing is transformed into unique pieces that cannot be reproduced.

Available to order online or in person in Durham and at fairs and festivals around the country. We have over 200 unique items in stock from size 6 to 22. We have something for everyone. Sustainable luxury for all.

Visit our online shop or email to make an appointment in person. We look forward to meeting you


What is

Eco printing is still relatively new to the UK so it’s not surprising that I get asked this a lot.  

Eco printing an ecologically sustainable contact print using plant material.   All that is required to make a print is a leaf, material to print on, water and heat.  It is an extremely low impact method particularly where second hand textiles are used.  All my fabrics are fully mordanted and the prints are permanent and wash fast.

The leaves are laid out on the prepared fabric then rolled up tightly, bound with string and boiled or steamed for 2 to 4 hours depending on the fabric and the leaves.  The heat and water releases tannins and other chemicals from the leaves, which as they are so tightly bound, have nowhere else to go other than the fabric they are in contact with.  This then creates a permanent print of the leaf on the fabric.

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Eco Printed silk and linen Jacket


On many occasions I have had a client love the clothes but because my clothes are upcycled and thus one off in terms of print, style and size they have not been able to find the perfect item.  This is where my bespoke printing service comes in. 

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss a bespoke print.

Eco Printing Workshops

Workshops & Events

I am an experienced public speaker with a passion to expose the unnecessary waste in the fashion industry and encourage more conscious and intentional purchasing and care of our clothing.  I am available for short talks  as well as workshop facilitation.

I also offer hands on Eco Printing workshops, talks and demonstrations. 

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Wholesale &

If you are interested in a collaboration whether online or in person, please contact me directly.

Perhaps you have a fashion business and are looking to expand your sustainable offer?  Or maybe you have seconds or marked clothing you wish to sell in bulk? Let’s connect and discuss ideas…

I bought a beautiful scarf from Gillian. 

The work was exquisite.

I was so impressed with the detail in the

leaf prints and the colours.

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